Amor Christoph J., Prof. Dr. habil.
Professor of Dogmatic and Ecumenical Theology | Vice-Dean | Director of the Brixen Theological Courses
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Ernesti Jörg, Prof. DDr. habil.
Professor for Church History and Patrology
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Fistill Ulrich, Prof. Dr.
Professor of Old Testament | Director of the Library
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Lintner P. Martin M. OSM, Prof. Dr.
Professor of Moral Theology and of Theology of Spirituality | President of the Study commission
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Renner Paul J., Prof. Dr.
Professor of Fundamental Theology and Religious Studies | Director of the Institute of Theological Education in Bolzano | Director of the Institute "De Pace Fidei"
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Volgger P. Ewald OT, Prof. Dr.
Professor of Liturgical Science and Theology of the Sacraments
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