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Philosophy Days of Brixen

The Philosophy Days of Brixen shed light on ecological, social and economic developments in the Alpine region from a philosophical and ethical perspective.

They are aimed at a broader audience and want to enrich the socio-political discussion.

How can democracy succeed?
Political engagement between participation and agitation

The Brixen Philosphy Days 2023 from 8-9 September are dedicated to this topic.

It is a paradox: in many countries, a decline in voter turnout can be observed in elections, but populist parties are on the rise, political debates are polarising, cross-party understanding is made more difficult by "bubbles" and "fake news".

A challenge for democracy: what are the ways of shaping political opinion today? What does political engagement look like in the 21st century? Where is the fine line between desirable participation and problematic agitation?

In short: How can democracy succeed?


The first Philosphy Days of Brixen took place from 1-3 September 2022. Under the title "On the brink? Global warming as a social and ethical challenge" speakers from South Tyrola and abroad have reflected on scientific, philosophical-ethical and cultural aspects of climate change. A rich musical and cultural programme rounded off the conference.

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